Legendary Journeys

This is the community portal for Legendary Journeys. If you would like to leave a comment or ask a question, please do so on the talk page.

The following are places where you could help:

  • Category:Stubs, you could expand this list of stub, or short, articles.
  • Episodes, you could add episode or movie info. For a "template" on what an episode page looks like, see Legendary Journeys:Template for Episode
  • Characters, there are an innumerable amount of characters, including some well known Recurring characters, who do not have an article, or whose article is a very short stub, that still need to be created.
  • Images, every episode and character, ideally, should have an image associated with. You need to be a user to upload images. Images should be uploaded from DVD or video caps, and if uploaded from another site, you should have the permission of the original author.
  • Performers and Production staff pages, these people are those in charge of creating the various series, and are just as necessary as the episode pages. They should be written from a real-world POV, and those producers or performers who have an "in-universe character" should have a note in parenthesis describing there in-universe occupation, even if the same as the out of universe character. For example, Rob Tapert is about the real world producer, where Robert Tapert (character) is about the in-universe character. This is still under debate, and any comments should be moved to the talk page.

Any other pages and categories should be discussed on this talk page before creation.