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Leandra syllabus
Portrayed By Sarah Smuts-Kennedy
Series HTLJ
Affiliations Skouros, Erythia, Iolaus, Ania
Son(s) Skouros
Other Family Erythia (daughter-in-law), Iolaus (grandson), Ania (granddaughter-in-law), unnamed great-grandchild

Leandra of Syllabus was the grandmother of Iolaus. Hephaestus believed she bore a resemblance to Aphrodite whom he loved. When Hephaestus asked Leandra to marry him, she declined and the god placed a curse on Syllabus. The village disappeared for fifty years. When it reappeared, Leandra agreed to marry Hephaestus if he would lift the curse but she did not have to as Aphrodite fell in love with him and they became a couple.

When Syllabus disappeared, Leandra's son Skouros was playing by the river. He was three years-old and was spared the curse. He was found by others and raised. He later became Erythia's husband and Iolaus' father. When Iolaus married Ania, she became a grandmother-in-law as well as a great-grandmother to their unnamed child.



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