This article is about the lava pit from "Sacrifice II". For the one from "A Necessary Evil", see Lava Pit (A Necessary Evil).

Lava Pit
Lava Pit
Hope and Gabrielle plumit into the Lava Pit, in "Sacrifice II"
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
Inhabitants Dahak (Temporarily)
Hope (Temporarily)
The Lava Pit is the iconic pit that Gabrielle and Hope fell into, during the eventful climax of the "Sacrifice II".[1]

When Hope fell into the pit, her father's flames rose to her rescue[2], whilst Ares saved Gabrielle from death, due to their contract.[3] Xena demanded to marry Ares in front of the pit.



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  2. Hope reveals this to Gabrielle in "A Family Affair"
  3. The contract was revealed in "Soul Possession", where a secret Scroll was discovered.
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