Portrayed By Rajeev Varma
Only Appearance XWP "The Way"
Gender Male
Residence India
Race God
Affiliations Hindu Pantheon, Eli

Krishna is an enormously benevolent and powerful god, often recognized as Avatar of Vishnu, the Preserver and (according to some) 'Supreme' God. Krishna once gave Xena guidance as to what her rightful path was. He also aided Xena in her battle against Indrajit, although she had to show a little humility and pray for his assistance.

When her arms was removed by Indrajit, she called on Krishna's name and by his grace, regenerated her arms and gave her two extra arms. He transformed her into a Goddess that resembles Kali and she beheads Indrajit after a long battle and then resumes her form as Xena again.

Krishna is an exceedingly popular divinity in Hinduism. Amongst many other things, he is the eighth avatar of Vishnu, succeeding Rama and preceding the Buddha.

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