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Krafstar (Known as The Deliverer in his true form) is a character on Xena: Warrior Princess. He tricked Gabrielle into thinking that he was a follower of the One God of the Israelites, when in fact it was an evil cult that worshipped the one evil God, Dahak.

Along with Meridian, he is one of the main catalysts that leads to Gabrielle being impregnated with Hope and sparking the chain of events that would lead to The Rift.

His alternate name, "The Deliverer", comes from the fact that he delivered Gabrielle to Dahak, in order for him to impregnate her.

Krafstar would later appear in the Land of Illusia as a part of the anger alongside Ares, Callisto and Caesar.

He was played by Marton Csokas. Although Marton Csokas voices the Deliverer as he played Krafstar, the Deliverer (body) is played by Anthony Ray Parker.

Background Information[]

Xrafstar or Khrafstra (Avestan: xrafstra-; Middle Persian: xrafstar‎) is a cover term in Zoroastrianism for the animals that are harmful or repulsive. They were considered creations of the Evil Spirit Angra Mainyu and killing them was seen as meritorious. In the Young Avesta and Middle Persian texts, the class of xrafstars includes frogs, reptiles, scorpions and insects like ants or wasps, whereas predators such as the wolf are not referred to as xrafstars, even though they too are considered to be creations of evil.

Herodotus stated about the practice of killing xrafstars among the Magi: "The Magi are a very peculiar race, different entirely from the Egyptian priests, and indeed from all other men whatsoever. The Egyptian priests make it a point of religion not to kill any live animals except those which they offer in sacrifice. The Magi, on the contrary, kill animals of all kinds with their own hands, excepting dogs and men. They even seem to take a delight in the employment, and kill, as readily as they do other animals, ants and snakes, and such like flying or creeping things".