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Kora is a recurring character in Young Hercules. She was the proprietor of Kora's Inn and (secretly) a virgin devotee of Artemis and very attractive. Unaware of her vows, many male students at the Academy were infatuated with her. Kora's devotion went deeper than mere worship, as Artemis bestowed upon her the ability to transform into the Huntress, a powerful enforcer of her divine will. Hercules eventually learned of the connection between Kora and Artemis, causing him and the previously aloof Kora to bond over their Olympian connections.

Kora had a sister named Cleo. Cleo was a free spirit who left Kora to run the family inn. she became involved with some criminal enterprises on Sicalia and returned to the inn after a four-year absence. However, gangsters followed her home and kidnapped Kora, mistaking her for Cleo. Eventually, Hercules and Jason were able to rescue Kora. The sisters overcame their differences ("Sisters").

Kora once hosted a talent show at her inn. One of the prizes that had been donated was a piece of the Kronos stone. In order to get it, Ares entered the talent show and tied for first prize with Hercules and Iolaus ("The Prize").

Kora was a lifelong devotee to Artemis and, as such, was prohibited from forming close friendships or having relationships with me. When a contest was held for the Golden Bow of Artemis, the goddess ordered Kora to enter and win the bow back for her. Kora was an excellent archer and she won the bow. However, on her way to deliver it to Artemis, Kora was attacked by Rytus and Strife who stole the bow. Kora called on Artemis to imbue her with the "Spirit of the Huntress", making her a formidable warrior. She and Hercules retrieved the bow and returned it to Artemis ("Golden Bow").


Background Information[]

  • In Sisters, Kora found herself in need of rescuing, something which makes no sense if the Huntress is taken into account. It is possible that not all of the writers were privy to the character's secret, or that it was decided upon only shortly before it was revealed. The only possible explanation is that she didn’t want to reveal her identity.
  • She was implied to have feelings for Hercules, but was unable to act on them due to her devotion to Artemis.
  • In spite of the fact that it was her inn, Kora was rarely seen during some of the crazier goings-on at the establishment, such as the Bacchae's arrival.
  • Kora appeared in a total of 19 episodes of 'Young Hercules', one of the highest numbers for a character who wasn't credited in the intro.
  • "Kora" derives from the Greek Κορη, which loosely means "maiden" or "young girl", appropriate for a devotee of Artemis.
    • In some myths, Persephone was originally named Κορη, only taking her other name after losing her innocence and becoming queen of the underworld.
    • In English, "Kore' refers to a specific style of Greek statue depicting a robed young woman (by definition, a mortal and not a goddess).