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Kevin David Sorbo was born on September 24, 1958 in Mound, Minnesota USA.

He spent years as a print model and guest starring on television series like Cheers, Murder, She Wrote and The Commish before landing the role of Hercules for Hercules and the Amazon Women. He played Hercules in all 5 Action Pack movies and 111 episodes of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. He also played the role in 2 crossover episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess.

On January 5, 1998 he married Sam Jenkins whom he met while working on Hercules. They have three children together. After Season 3, Sorbo suffered a series of strokes, requiring a long recovery period. His scenes were greatly reduced in Season 4, requiring an increased use of doubles. He had typically done many of his stunts, but was no longer able to. In some episodes he only appeared for a couple of minutes.

Sorbo went on to some cult fame as Kull in the Conan prequel Kull: The Conqueror and as Captain Dylan Hunt on Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda. Sorbo consented to a number of in-jokes about his role as Hercules during the show's early seasons, but was dissatisfied with the "deification" of Dylan Hunt in later seasons, since that character was meant to be an ordinary soldier in extraordinary circumstances.

In 2008, he co-starred in the comedy movie Meet the Spartans, parodying both the movie 300 and his role as Hercules. He returned to fantasy as the wizard Gojun Pye in the five-part film, Mythica (2014-2016). He played another spaceship commander in the film Survivor (2014). Also in 2014, Sorbo starred in the surprise hit, God's Not Dead. He would star in and direct Let There be Light (2017), and Miracle in East Texas (2019).

Since Hercules, he has guest-starred in a wide variety of television shows, such as Hawaii Five-0, Supergirl, Two and a Half Men, The O.C., Dharma & Greg, and Hope & Faith.

Sorbo "reprised" the role of Hercules for the God of War video game series. This Hercules is portrayed very differently from the Xenaverse incarnation, perhaps intentionally.

He has written the book True Strength, and co-wrote True Faith with his wife.




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