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Kernunnos was a Celtic god  a sinister figure, he was violently opposed to the Druids and their teachings. He employed a powerful Half-god enforcer, Morrigan, who terrorized the people of Eire and worked to hunt down the druids.

Kernunnos was in fact victimizing Morrigan: he kept her dependent on drinking his blood, which had a powerful narcotic effect, and he held their daughter Brigid hostage.

Hercules, having fled the Near East in despair following the death of Iolaus, eventually arrived in Eire and proved to be a major opponent of Kernunnos's plans, first freeing Morrigan (and facilitating her transformation into a druid in the process) and then Brigid before defeating Kernunnos himself.

Kernunnos's plan was to get rid of the druids, he considered them a threat, to the faith of the Celtic gods.

Powers & Abilities[]

Kernunnos as a Celtic god, is presumed to have the Powers and Abilities of a god, he demonstrated, several powers, but not limited to, projection to communicate, teleport, strength similar to Hercules, high resistance and super speed.

But when he die for an axe used by Morrigan, there are doubts about its true immortality, like the immortality of an Olympian god, the factor that Morrigan is, a Celtic demigoddess and druid, can be decisive.

In the Myth[]

Kernunnos or Cernunnos is the conventional name given to the "horned god" of Celtic religion. Cernunnos was a Celtic god of fertility, life, animals, wealth, and the underworld, in Hercules, his title is not specified.