Kernunnos in "Render Unto Caesar"
Portrayed By Stuart Devenie
First Appearance HTLJ: "Resurrection"
Last Appearance HTLJ: "Render Unto Caesar"
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Residence Eire, Britannia
Race God
Also Known As God of the Underworld
Killed By Morrigan
Romances Morrigan
Daughter(s) Brigid
Other Family Badb (mother-in-law)
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Kernunnos was the Celtic god of the Underworld. A sinister figure, he was violently opposed to the Druids and their teachings. He employed a powerful Half-god enforcer, Morrigan, who terrorized the people of Eire and worked to hunt down the druids. Kernunnos was in fact victimizing Morrigan: he kept her dependent on drinking his blood, which had a powerful narcotic effect, and he held their daughter Brigid hostage.

Hercules, having fled the Near East in despair following the death of Iolaus, eventually arrived in Eire and proved to be a major opponent of Kernunnos's plans, first freeing Morrigan (and facilitating her transformation into a druid in the process) and then Brigid before defeating Kernunnos himself.

Cernunnos is the Greek and Latin name given to a horned god figure in Celtic art, based on Roman inscriptions and derived from the word for "horn" (which is similar in all the Greek, Latin, Germanic and Celtic languages). The figure is associated more with Celtic art from Gaul and Brittania than from from Eire.