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Kali is the Hindu Goddess of death, power and destruction. She resembles the being that Xena transformed into after having her arms removed by Indrajit. Krishna then regenerated her arms by his grace and gives Xena an extra pair of appendages, with each of her four arms armed with a deadly weapon. Krishna transforms Xena into the four-armed Kali, the dark Hindu Goddess of Time and Change. The brutal and violent battle once again started with Indrajit and Xena (now in the form of Kali). At the end of the battle, Kali manages to defeat Indrajit by chopping off his arms with her sharp swords, trampling him, and finally beheading the demon without much difficulty. After the battle is over, Kali's extra limbs vanish and she returns to her normal form as Xena once again. This time, unharmed.


Xena as Kali

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Xena's Kali image in front of The Artwork of Kali

Kali Temple

Kali's Artwork in Indrajit's Lair

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Painting of Kali


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