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"Why is everybody telling me to think? I think, I just don't show it."

―Joxer, "Eternal Bonds"

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Joxer the Mighty was a major character on Xena: Warrior Princess and a minor character on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. He was one of the closest friends of Xena and Gabrielle. Although he was incapable of fighting and wasn't the smartest of people (and mostly oblivious of this), he was a loyal friend and extremely trustworthy. He was one of three identical triplets, his brothers being Jett, a professional assassin, and Jace, a rather flamboyant performer. He didn't have a close relationship with either of them, although implications would lead one to believe that he was closer to Jett than he was to Jace.

When he was first introduced, Joxer wanted to join Callisto's army and seemed to have convinced himself that he was a villain of a sort. His far-fetched self-belief lead him to realize that he would be more useful as a "good-guy" type, thus he began to see himself as the hero instead of the sidekick. Traveling with Xena and Gabrielle, they built a strong friendship and trust. By the end of Season Two, he had fallen in love with Gabrielle, something that he would not tell her until three seasons later. This was one of the longest continuing relationships on Xena: Warrior Princess.

When Xena and Gabrielle were presumed dead to prevent the Twilight of the Gods, Joxer was convinced that they were alive and searched for their bodies for years. He looked after Argo and her daughter and dedicated his business to the duo, creating an inn that was filled with pictures and artwork related to them. He and Meg had three known children, two of which were shown but never named and the other was Virgil. When Xena and Gabrielle escaped the ice cave, they found Joxer's Inn and were reunited with him. In order to find Eve, they traveled to Rome, where they discovered that Eve was, in fact, the Roman Empress-to-be, Livia. Once Xena had managed to expose her affair with Ares and split her and Emperor Octavius, she went on a killing spree of the Elijans. Joxer attempted to protect Gabrielle, who had been captured by Eve but was killed by her. However, he was reincarnated along with Xena and Gabrielle in modern day in the 20/21st century.

Joxer built several relationships throughout the show. His love and strong relationship with Gabrielle, close friendship with Xena and love interest with Meg, being the most obvious. He also had other notable friendships with Amarice, Autolycus, and Arman. He also had a notable antagonistic relationship with Callisto.

Joxer was played by Ted Raimi.

Early Life[]

Joxer is the youngest of his triplet brothers, Jett and Jace. He grew up on Olympic Street, close to Aghmar the Meatman. His father came from a line of warlords, a path which he tried to follow, unsuccessfully. Little is known about the rest of his family, only that his father was serving time in prison for an unknown crime and Jett was in there with him, for his assassination attempt on Cleopatra in "The King Of Assassins". Jett possibly escaped from prison, due to the bounty on his head in "Takes One To Know One".


Meeting Xena and Gabrielle[]

Joxer first appeared in 'Callisto', where he was turned down by Callisto for joining her army. He later went on to travel with Xena and Gabrielle, where he decided to fight for the Greater Good. He isn't trained in any fighting skill, weapon or hand-to-hand, despite carrying a sword. Considering this, he does have a heart of gold and often shows extreme bravery.

Adventures with Xena and Gabrielle[]

In 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' Joxer team up with Xena, Gabrielle, and Orpheus to bring down Bacchus and his Bacchae. It is revealed he can play the Lyre. He does so and it causes all of the Bacchae to be temporarily disabled and to kill Bacchus, Xena shrewdly allows Gabrielle to bite her and she transforms into a deadly monster. She stabs Bacchus again and this time, he explodes in a ball of fire. All of his victims, including Xena and Gabrielle, are transformed back into their mortal forms and brave Orpheus is reunited with his body.

In "Return of Callisto" Callisto and her army escape of prison and find Joxer. Callisto orders Joxer to tell Xena that he escaped from prison and that he should have killed her when he had the chance. Meanwhile, Xena and Gabrielle are awakened in the middle of the night by Perdicas, a warrior once engaged to marry Gabrielle. They start traveling together and in the way, they are joined by Joxer, who brings news of Callisto's escape. After fighting Callisto and his army in a village, Gabrielle agrees to marry Perdicicas. Xena and Joxer are present at their wedding. The day after the wedding, Callisto kills Perdicicas and leaves. Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer light a funeral pyre for Perdiccas with Xena singing a sad song. Gabrielle, stricken with pain, vows to kill Callisto. When Xena and Gabrielle fall into Callisto's trap, with Xena trapped in a chair and Gabrielle about to be burned at the stake, Joxer appears and distracts Callisto long enough for Xena to regain her chakram and escape her bonds. The two women resume their epic battle in a blur of sparkling swords. In a horse-drawn chariot chase, Xena and Callisto fall into quicksand. The warrior princess is saved but Callisto sinks and dies. Before sunset, Xena tends to Joxer's injuries and thanks him for helping to distract Callisto to allow Xena to escape. Xena and Gabrielle watch the sunset, while Gabrielle thinks about Perdicicas.

The first time he meets his future wife, Meg, was in 'Warrior... Princess... Tramp'. Meg, a Xena look-a-like, shows signs of attraction to Joxer. Joxer, thinking it is Xena who likes him, becomes secretive towards Meg. The two become closer and both drop hints throughout the show that they are having an affair since after Xena and Gabrielle save the kingdom and Meg gets a job as a royal cook, she promises to leave the back door open for Joxer to return one day.

Joxer pursue Callisto's evil lieutenant Theodorus. Determined to bring him and his men to justice, but Theodorus captures him. He and his men are about to execute Joxer in a deserted village, when Xena and Gabrielle make them flee and save their hapless friend. The three of them camp out but in the middle of the night, they leave and leave Joxer behind. Joxer wakes up in the morning and when looking for them he finds Argo, Xena's mare, injured on the ground and he also sees Callisto. Joxer draws his sword and tries to defend Argo from Callisto but she explains that it is Xena: Callisto used her guilt to exchange the bodies with the help of Ares and Xena only has one day to return Callisto to the underworld. Xena uses the pressure points on Joxer to prove it to him and manages to save Argo. The two search for Callisto and Gabrielle and Xena knocks Joxer unconscious when she senses Callisto and Gabrielle's presence. Joxer awakens when Gabrielle discovers the truth and Xena explains to them that Callisto wants to make her Amphipolis village perish by fire. Xena devises a plan to return Callisto to the underworld and save her mother and the villagers of Amphipolis. In the cave where the Amphipolis villagers are trapped, Joxer throws bottles of oil to make the warriors flee because they are surrounded by torches and Xena and Callisto fight again. Xena throws a dart at Callisto's neck. The two warriors meet again in the dream world where Xena forces Callisto to confront the many people she has slaughtered. In the end, Callisto is dragged back to the underworld and Xena is free to return to her life above, but in Callisto's body. Gabrielle and Joxer acknowledge that they have a hard time living with this. (XWP "Intimate Stranger")

Joxer in Chin

Joxer delivers an important scroll to Xena, who stills in Callisto's body, telling her that ten of the greatest warriors are being challenged by Sisyphus to slay a monster known as the Barrachus. The reward is Ares' divinity. Xena is going to fight the monster with the mortal Ares to restore his divinity since without the god of war the peaceful people are turning violent and this could end the world. Meanwhile, Gabrielle and Joxer, who have arrived on the island in a small boat of their own manufacture, suffer severe cases of anxiety: they sneak into the castle through an underground drainage pipe through which they hear the profane howl of the Barrachus. Joxer's courage quickly begins to fade as the pair head toward the beast's lair until he sees the "monster" itself: a massive, rattling drum, designed to magnify the shifting winds into terrifying roars and groans. Xena and Ares find Ares and Sisyphus' sword then pleads with Xena to destroy Ares and claim the prize, but Gabrielle and Joxer break in and reveal the secret behind Barrachus. Xena returns the sword to Ares and he regains his divinity and Gabrielle is happy and peaceful again. Later when Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer head to the boat, they walk along the beach at sunset, Xena suddenly appears in her real body again and she and Gabrielle hug and go to join Joxer near the boat. (XWP "Ten Little Warlords")

Relationships with other heroes[]

Joxer sought to ingratiate himself with Hercules and Iolaus and tried to join them, when he felt out of place with Xena and Gabrielle. He, wanting to hang out with Hercules, knows Iolaus when he is helping a bunch of villagers lift a barrel. Iolaus tells him to help them lift the barrel and Joxer grabs the rope and walks away, saying that Xena's too slow for him and he eventually falls into a horse trough, in typical Joxer fashion. Iolaus, Hercules, and Joxer are still getting that big barrel thing up until it is secure. Serena comes by, being very cautious around the villagers. Hercules runs to see her. She says that she will marry him. But Iolaus is having trouble with the rope holding the barrel up. The barrel falls and all Tartarus breaks loose when Joxer tries to get Serena to back up. He touches her, she hinds out, and everybody tries to kill her. Some old guy is basically trying to get everybody to kill her. Hercules the Hero, Iolaus and Joxer come to the rescue, and the Hind runs off. Joxer is looking at pans until a group of soldiers looking for the doe appear and attack him. Iolaus fights the soldiers, defeats them, and saves Joxer. Joxer is trying to get Iolaus to be his sidekick and in trying to prove he is a warrior, he ends up cutting the rope that holds up the barrel. Hercules the Hero ends up being Hercules the Not-so Hero when he needs help lifting the barrel. Iolaus and Joxer goes to help him but the latter hits his head on the barrel and falls unconscious. Iolaus gets mad when he finds out about the trade. When Hercules gave up his strength and he and Iolaus briefly parted ways, Joxer tried to travel with Iolaus and become his new partner. This only served to remind Iolaus that his place was at Hercules' side. (HTLJ "When a Man Loves a Woman")

Gaining Xena's Trust[]

It isn't until 'A Comedy of Eros', that we first get an insight into Joxer's character. Cupid's son, Bliss, by shooting people with his father's arrows. When he shoots Gabrielle and she falls in love with Joxer, he basks in the attention he gets from her. When Cupid returns to put everyone right again, he tries to heal the love-sick Joxer, but after a few attempts, Xena tells him to leave Joxer, as it's real, hinting that Xena had known about his secret crush all along. Later that day, Gabrielle jokes with Joxer by saying that she couldn't imagine the two of them in love. He looks rather depressed, when Xena places her hand on his shoulder and smiles, as if to indicate that everything will be fine.

Joxer's brother, Jett, puts in his first appearance in 'The King Of Assassins', where he tries to kill Cleopatra. Joxer seemed to be scared of his older brother. This was later revealed to be just sibling rivalry, when Jett kills Cleopatra's rogue guard, who hurts Joxer. Jett then says that no one harms his little brother but him.

When Joxer makes it big at a local Casino, owned by Titus, he sets himself up to be conned—or worse. Promptly, Joxer is tricked by two con men, Rafe and Eldon, into giving up all his winnings (twice as much money as he should have paid for real gold) for a lump of fool's gold. The con men also steal Joxer's sword. Joxer is then beaten to death by the Casino guards, including Leo: Titus' son, who don't believe anyone could be stupid enough to trade all the money he won for a worthless rock. When this happens, Xena and Gabrielle show a more loving and protective side to Joxer, by trying to stop this Casino owner. An almost dead Joxer manages to get out of bed and despite his condition, tries to face up to Titus and Leo. Xena manages to bring down Titus and Leo with the help of Rafe and Eldon. (XWP "King Con")

Gaining Xena's Trust[]

Joxer may be the 'comic relief' of the show, but Xena knows that she can trust him. She shows this, immensely so, by entrusting with him the location of the Hind's Blood Dagger and asking him to retrieve it for her, So that she can kill Gabrielle's demi-goddess daughter, Hope. He does so, proving him worthy of her trust.

Xena then tries to find Gabrielle and Ares claims he knows where she is, but there is a catch. She must marry him. Xena confides in Joxer, due to Gabrielle's absence. This proves that she thinks of Joxer the next in line to Gabrielle as her closest friend.

First Kill and Aftermath[]

Joxer had never killed (despite what he says) until the episode, 'The Convert', where he kills a warlord, Cryton. Cryton has ransacked a church and is trying to kidnap the virgins. Joxer, Xena and Gabrielle arrive at the church, they find a man stabbed with a dagger. Joxer and Gabrielle come to help him and when he removes the dagger, Joxer takes it. The man asks them to save the virgins and tells them that Kryton has kidnapped them. The three arrive where the warriors are and Xena fights against Kryton and his men, while Joxer protects the woman that Kryton was brutally beating. Gabrielle is shocked to realize that the woman is Najara, a religious fanatic who was believed to be incarcerated. Joxer inadvertently kills Kryton by stabbing him with the dagger when Xena sends Kryton towards him with a kick. Joxer is shocked that he has actually taken a life and stares at the body of his first kill: Xena tells him they must take the body to the nearest village and send Najara back to prison. Joxer is crushed by what he has done and is uncomfortable at being hailed as a hero by the locals for killing Kryton. Learning that Kryton had a son, Arman, Joxer feels he has to tell him what happened. When he know Arman, Joxer relents when he realizes that Arman believed his father to be a brave, righteous man. Learning of his father's death, Arman swears vengeance on the killer and Xena lets him ride with them. Along the way Joxer, Xena and Gabrielle argue about telling Arman the truth about their father's death. Joxer refuses saying it because it would break his heart and that Arman needs a hero. Xena tells her that she should tell him the truth and that he be a hero. But Joxer still refuses and continues to advance. Joxer looks at the dagger he used to kill Kryton, until Xena and Arman approach him and tell him that they already have dinner. At that moment, a thug appears who wants to fight Joxer for the murder of Kryton. Joxer insists that he didn't kill anyone, doesn't let him say he killed Kryton, and insists that he leave. When the bully doesn't leave, Joxer hits him and the bully attacks him and Arman, when he defends him. Xena confronts him and threatens to kill him if he doesn't leave now. He, scared, flees the camp. Joxer and Arman become friends after what happened and Arman told him that Xena told him that it was Joxer's idea to tell him the truth about his father. But Najara tells Arman of his father's evil deeds and that his father's killer was actually Joxer, as proof she showed him the dagger that Joxer used to kill him. Arman wants to kill Joxer, but Xena intervenes and asks him to spare Joxer's life. The boy reluctantly agrees, but leaves camp, as Xena reminds him that the man Joxer killed was not the man Arman thinks of as his father. After a while Arman comes to understand the truth, that his father had been a violent and ruthless leader. He forgave Joxer, realizing that he had done the right thing and the two formed a good friendship on this basis. Joxer seems to mature after this. He seems to be more aware and engages a bit more in the combat.


The first reference to Joxer being Xena and Gabrielle's soulmate is made in 'Deja Vu All Over Again', where, he is alongside Gabrielle and Xena in the present day. His in the body of a woman, Annie Day (Played by Lucy Lawless).

In 'Fallen Angel', Joxer travels to Rome after he had been having dreams that Xena and Gabrielle were in trouble. He then tells Amarice that. This is true (They had been crucified), showing that there is a psychological link between the three. Joxer is devastated when he sees the bodies of Xena and Gabrielle hanging from crosses. Joxer says he wants to take their bodies back home to Greece. Amarice says the Romans will not allow that. Joxer insists he's going to do it anyway and Amarice agrees to help him. Joxer, Amarice and Eli remove Xena and Gabrielle's bodies from the crosses. Amarice cuts a lock of Xena's hair and vows to honor the memory of the Warrior Princess. She turns to Eli and tells him that this is all her fault, because she turned Gabrielle into a crying coward who wouldn't fight or anything until it was too late. Joxer says "enough" but Eli tells Joxer that it doesn't matter. When Eli resurrects them, with the help of angel Callisto, Joxer is overjoyed to see that Xena and Gabrielle have returned with him.

Admitting His Love for Gabrielle[]

In "Chakram" After Eli and Callisto resurrect Xena and Gabrielle from the dead, Joxer says he is glad they aren't dead and he gives Gabrielle a bottle to drink. Joxer says to bring them something to eat and leaves. Joxer gives Xena and Gabrielle something to eat and takes Amarice away, after she has returned the two halves of the broken Chakram to Xena.

He realizes that he nearly lost her and it was this that was the catalyst that made him tell Gabrielle that he loves her. He confides in Eli the 'Love Guru', in his own words, that he wants to tell her but doesn't know how to. Eli tells him that he should just say what he feels in his heart. Joxer chooses a rather stupid moment to tell her - in the heat of battle. Gabrielle is shocked by the news, but accepts it and moves on, as does Joxer.

Adventures in the land of Chin[]

In "Purity", Joxer travels with Xena and Gabrielle to the land of Chin when they receive from a monk from the Xo Monastery, who dies moments after delivering her. That letter that says "the hawk and the dove must become one with wisdom." Xena realizes that her spiritual mentor, Lao Ma, must have written the letter before her death and that "wisdom" refers to her book that teaches ways to obtain special powers. Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer arrive to find an abandoned Chinese village to find the monastery being attacked by warriors using explosives. A tough and beautiful young Chinese woman, Pao Ssu, joins Xena and Gabrielle in their fight against the troops which retreat. Much to Xena's surprise, Pao Ssu introduces herself as Lao Ma's daughter and explains that the explosives are made from black powder -- an ancient Chin formula which was forbidden but which a vicious warlord, Go Kun, rediscovered.

Gabrielle and Joxer go on a mission to discover a mysterious key ingredient in the black powder, while Xena and Pao Ssu follow the trail of the book of Lao Ma thief. While searching for herbs and spices for the black powder recipe, Joxer gets one of the market vendor to identify the key ingredient by sniffing it. Upon recognizing the recipe, the market vendor alerts the surrounding people, causing both Joxer and Gabrielle to be thrown into jail. Gabrielle, while locked in the stocks next to Joxer, manages to retrieve the black powder from his pants and blow open the locks. On their way to meet up with Xena at Ming's Palace, they run into Pao Ssu who wishes to join them.

Unbeknownst to Gabrielle and Joxer, Pao Ssu wants to use her mother's book to annihilate her enemies. It is she who is behind the army of black powder that attacked the monastery and her twin sister K'ao Hsin stole the book to prevent her from achieving her objectives. Xena discovers it but Pao Ssu manages to steal the book without realizing that it is false.

As Xena and K'ao Hsin study the book, Pao Ssu arrives with Joxer and Gabrielle in tow. She has tied them to separate carts, which she has booby-trapped with explosives. Not wanting any bloodshed, K'ao Hsin hands over the book to Pao Ssu, who ignites the two trails of powder anyway and rides off. Xena defuses the path to Gabrielle and frees Joxer just before his cart explodes.

Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer cook to discover the secret ingredient in black powder. Xena finds something and Joxer explains that it is a very crude healing substance and that no good cook would use it but Joxer concludes that black powder was not invented by a good cook, he tries that substance and the three discover that it is the secret ingredient in black powder. Xena and K'ao Hsin talk about their powers and Pao Ssu while Gabrielle and Joxer create explosives to set a trap for Kun's army. Xena and K'ao Hsin fight Pao Ssu with her new powers while Gabrielle fights the army and Joxer prepares and uses the explosives. All three women can harness special powers through their purity of thought and actions. While Pao Ssu learns to dominate him with her pure hatred, Xena and K'ao Hsin realize that pure joy gives them access. Xena and K'ao Hsin can weaken Pao Ssu's hatred by telling her that Lao Ma only gave them up to save their lives and thus defeat. In an attempt to save their leader from Xena, Kun's army mistakenly fires a rocket at the tent containing the black powder that explodes into flames. Without Pao Ssu to lead them and no black powder, Kun's army is rendered powerless and peace is restored. Xena and K'ao Hsin talk about power until Gabrielle and Joxer meet them, the latter saying that all the black dust has been destroyed.

In "Back in the Bottle", Joxer discovers he didn't destroy all of the Black Powder during a night when Xena is trying to use her powers to roast some rabbits Gabrielle caught, but she cannot control the power and turns the rabbits to stone. When Xena grabs it off him she has a vision of Gabrielle fighting with a staff alongside Joxer and a Chinese warrior. They are struck by a volley of rockets and blasted to smithereens. Realising that their mission in Chin failed, Xena leads Gabrielle and Joxer back.

Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer meet K'ao Hsin leading a group of refugees fleeing to the border before the warlord Khan's army. Khan has summoned the ghost of Ming T'ien, the Green Dragon, to come into existence again to lead the conquest of Chin. Pao Ssu accompanied them on the reverse side and gave them the formula for black powder. Xena asks Joxer to take the refugees to Lao Ma's palace to hide them in their underground tunnels while Gabrielle makes sure the path is safe. On the way, a man who was in front of Joxer explodes and he stops the others. Xena explains to Joxer that they have set traps with black powder and if you step on them they explode, she walks carefully towards Joxer and the refugees. But when she reaches them, Khan and his army appear with the ghosts of Ming T'ien and Pao Ssu. They throw explosives at Xena, Joxer and the refugees but she saves them by using her powers to erect a force field and the chakram to destroy all traps. Gabrielle and Lin Chi arrive to fight Khan's men as they all retreat to the palace.

Gabrielle and Lin Chi talk to each other until Joxer shows up and tells Gabrielle that Xena wants to talk to her. Xena talks to Gabrielle, Joxer and Lin Chi about going to destroy the black powder that Ming T'ien keeps but Gabrielle refuses to let Xena go due to her pregnancy and declares that Joxer, Lin Chi and her will, although in the end van Lin Chi and her. Xena saves the couple using her power since it was all a trap to make them explode with the dust but they find out that they have much more dust. Joxer serves the refugees his food until he sees a girl named Tei alone and sad. Joxer approaches Tei, tells him that he must eat and that everything will be fine but she tells him that she is worried about her family because she does not know if they managed to leave the village. Joxer promises to help her find her family. The next day, Joxer enters the palace and warns Xena that Khan's army is coming from the south and is holding the villagers hostage. Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer, K'ao Hsin, and Lin Chi see Khan's 100,000-strong army with the villagers ahead to use as shields. Xena is alone to confront them, trusting that her powers will work when necessary while Gabrielle, Joxer, and Lin Chi go to free the prisoners. Xena steps in front of the army and summons a giant force field that bounces Khan's rockets off of his own troops. Gabrielle, Joxer, and Lin Chi arrive in the army, save the prisoners, and fight the warriors. The rockets keep flying towards Xena and she deflects them with a force field as Gabrielle, Joxer, and Lin Chi fight the warriors. Xena finally tires and the shield falls. Khan orders three horsemen to run her over, but Xena knocks them off their horses with an energy ball and uses the last of her power to target anything bearing the Green Dragon emblem. Turn the entire Ming T'ien army to stone, creating the Terracotta Army. After the battle, Joxer begins to brag about his role in the battle with Tei and her family until he sees Gabrielle and Gabrielle interprets that they must go.

Reconciling with His Brother[]

Joxer's other brother, Jace, makes his debut in 'Lyre, Lyre, Hearts On Fire'. He is portrayed as being a very flamboyant, camp, pop king. He wore a pink, frilly all-in-one and speaks with a fake Spanish accent. He is nothing like Joxer or Jett, despite being triplets. He is also possibly homosexual, judging by his stereotypical appearance. Joxer doesn't speak of his brother, as he is embarrassed by him. After some thinking, Joxer decides to reconcile with his brother and put their differences aside.

Twilight of the Gods[]

After Xena and Gabrielle's Death[]

After Xena and Gabrielle's death, he begin searching for them non-stop. It is during this time that he had his first son, Virgil, with his long-time lover, Meg. He opened up a tavern in memory of Xena and Gabrielle, which had Xena and Gabrielle themes to its food and was decorated with replicas of the Chakram and Gabrielle's sais. He also gained possession of Argo, Xena's horse. He put her in foal and named her offspring Argo II. He never let anyone ride her, and kept her in a field outside his tavern.

After Argo died, he gave up hope and stopped looking for Xena and Gabrielle. He had more children with Meg and settled down and focused on his business.

An older Joxer, as he appears in 'Livia'

Years later, the local auctioneer came into Joxer's tavern, trying to flog a scroll, entitled 'Looking Death In The Eye'. It is said that it was the chronicle of Xena and Gabrielle's last adventure. He skimmed through it and realized that it was indeed written in Gabrielle's hand and bought it for 65 Dinars, with hope that it would give answers to Xena and Gabrielle's whereabouts. He reads the story to two of his younger children. Although it allowed him to confirm that Ares had unknowingly interfered with the pair's plan, Joxer was devastated to learn that the scroll gave no hint as to Xena and Gabrielle's location.

Death and Legacy[]

Years later, Xena and Gabrielle finally awoke without a clue where they are. They make their way towards Rome, stumbling upon Joxer's inn along the way. They interrupt Joxer and Meg arguing; both are astonished to see them again. He catches them up on what they've missed and he introduces them to Virgil. Joxer tells Xena and Gabrielle that Octavius swore that they were alive. Xena then asks if he said anything about Eve, but Joxer lost touch with him and he never found out what became of her. They resolve to continue on to Rome with Joxer and Virgil.

They discover that Eve is now called Livia and is known as 'The Bitch Of Rome'. Joxer, Xena, and Gabrielle try to talk her into sense and tell her who she really is, but they fail. Xena chases her down on her own, but Gabrielle follows and tells Virgil to not to tell Joxer where she's gone. Virgil tells him after persuasion and he follows Gabrielle, but the decision proves his undoing – why trying in vain to defend Gabrielle from Livia, he is struck down by his dearest friends' own daughter.

After his death Virgil traveled with Xena, Gabrielle and Eve, eventually forgiving her for killing Joxer. Virgil took up his father's sword after his death. When Eve apologizes to Gabrielle for killing Joxer, Gabrielle assures her Joxer's spirit is at peace.

Alternate reality[]

See main article: Joxer (Alternate Reality)

When Julius Caesar escapes from the Underworld and takes over the Fates' loom. He uses it to to create a new reality in which he and Xena are the emperor and empress of Rome, respectively. Joxer also appears like a disciplined Roman soldier. He says that Xena once saved his daughter by allowing her physician to treat her; he is thus loyal to her and not Caesar.


In the future, he is reincarnated into Xena's body with the name Annie Day. And Xena is reincarnated into his body with the name Harry O'Casey. Later on, Ares switches their bodies back to normal though. Then Xena Gabrielle and Joxer were reunited once again.


Running Gags[]

Part of being the comic relief of a program comes running gags, with Joxer having a few of them:

  • Fainting whenever kissed.
  • Gabrielle pinching his nose.
  • Unspontaneously saving the day.
  • Never taken seriously.
  • Oblivious to his deathly cooking.
  • Tweety Bird Sound Effects (he hears them more than any character in the entire Xenaverse).

Background Information[]

  • The Joxer family may be based on the Booth family, the parallels are:
    • Joxer and Junius Brutus Booth both are overshadowed by their renowned brothers: Junius Booth was even overshadowed by his famous actress wife (this could be reflected by how Joxer is overshadowed by his own wife Meg)
    • Jett and John Wilkes Booth both are infamous assassins
    • Jace and Edwin Booth are very famous entertainers, Edwin Booth is still remembered as probably the best Hamlet in American history and commemorated in dedications and statues


  • Although it is often overlooked, he is Xena and Gabrielle's soulmate, appearing in all of their future lives.
  • Because of the design of his helmet, it's possible that Joxer was either an Ironhead or purchased one of their helmets after they fell from power.
  • Joxer is one of the five characters to have appeared in every season of Xena: Warrior Princess. The other four are Gabrielle, Cyrene, Ares, and Xena.
  • Joxer does not kill until the Season Four episode "The Convert", a rather impressive feat for a frequent star on a cult/action show.
  • Joxer has appeared in 42 episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess. He is third only to Xena and Gabrielle, respectively, to have appeared in the most episodes.
  • Joxer was part of one of the biggest super-arcs on Xena: Warrior Princess - His unrequited love for Gabrielle, which ran from "A Comedy of Eros" to "Chakram". Even after "Chakram", the two would be put in awkward situations and show great care towards one another, continuing the storyline. Some romantic tension even existed between Gabrielle and Joxer's son, Virgil.
  • Joxer is allergic to sheep.
  • Ted Raimi also plays Jett and Jace, his on-screen brothers. There is a 30-minute age-gap between Jace and Joxer, meaning that they are triplets with their brother Jett, who calls Joxer his "twin brother".
  • Joxer has two known descendants: Jack Klienman and Ted, both played by Ted Raimi.
    • It is unknown if Annie Day or Harry O'Casey are also his descendants. Day is more properly his reincarnation, but it is not clear how seriously we are meant to take O'Casey's resemblance to Joxer.
  • "Joxer" is an unlikely name for an ancient Greek and is original to the series. The closest Greek rendering would be Ιοξερ or Ιοξηρ.


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