Legendary Journeys

Jesus was the child of Mary and Joseph. Iolaus, Uris and Trinculos were guided to the birthplace of Jesus in Bethos by strange images in their dreams. (HTLJ "A Star to Guide Them") Later, Xena and Gabrielle encountered Jesus, Mary and Joseph traveling by foot. Gabrielle gave them her donkey. (XWP "A Solstice Carol")


  • Since Mary was his mother and the One God was his father, it could be considered that Jesus is a sort of half-god.
  • In spite of Jesus's presence in the Xenaverse, his role in the series narrative and history in general appears to have been largely supplanted by Eli.
  • Jesus is the victim of one of the Xenaverse's many anachronisms: David is an ancestor of Jesus, Mary and even Joseph, having lived several centuries before them.