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Iolaus II was a rebel fighting against the Sovereign in the Strange World.

Story[edit | edit source]

He was the Sovereign's jester and the closest thing the tyrant had to a friend. Because Iolaus II could get close to the Sovereign he was selected by Joxer II to attempt an assassination of the Sovereign during his wedding to Aphrodite II. However, before the wedding, a gateway to Strange World was opened allowing Iolaus II to escape into our universe where he met Hercules (HTLJ "Stranger in a Strange World"). In "Love on the Rocks" Iolaus II falls in love with the daughter of Triton, mermaid Nautica.

In "My Best Girl's Wedding" Aphrodite turned him into a merman and he and Nautica fled to the sea.

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Background[edit | edit source]

  • Iolaus 2 was played by Michael Hurst.
  • Though his ultimate fate is never revealed on-screen, Hercules states in "For Those of You Just Joining Us" that Iolaus lived to be one hundred years old, meaning that Iolaus II would also live to be that old, although since he is a merman it is possible that he will live longer then that. It is also possible that the two of them are no longer connected.

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