Ilea underworld
Ilea in "Hercules in the Underworld"
Portrayed By Rose McIver
First Appearance Hercules in the Underworld
Last Appearance HTLJ: "When a Man Loves a Woman"
Cause of Death Killed by Fireball
Killed By Hera
Mother Deianeira
Father Hercules
Brother(s) Aeson and Klonus

Ilea was Hercules and Deianeira's only daughter. Ilea, along with her two brothers Aeson, Klonus, and their mother Deianeira, were killed by Hera when the goddess used a Fireball to destroy their home (HTLJ "The Other Side"). Hercules encountered Ilea and the rest of his family when he visited the Underworld to bring back Persephone. When the hero returned to Earth he asked Hades to erase Ilea's memories of the visit so she could continue to exist peacefully in the Elysian Fields (HTLJ "The Other Side").

Ilea and her siblings watched over Hercules' marriage to Serena (HTLJ "When a Man Loves a Woman").


  • Ilea was played by Rose McIver.
  • The name Ilea is an invention of the writers; Heracles's only daughter with Deianeira in mythology was named Macaria.