Legendary Journeys
Hind's Blood Pendant
Hind's blood pendant.jpg
In "Stranger in a Strange World"
Owner(s) Xena 2, Callisto
First Appearance "Stranger in a Strange World"
Last Appearance "Armageddon Now Part 2"

The Hind's Blood Pendant was first worn by Xena 2. It is a small glass phial in the shape of Xena's chakram and it holds the blood of a Golden Hind. A dimensionally-displaced Iolaus realized the pendant's significance and liberated it from Xena. (HTLJ "Stranger in a Strange World"). Callisto became the first to prove that Hind's blood could kill a god when she used it to create the Hind's Blood Dagger and killed Strife (HTLJ "Armageddon Now").



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