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Hind's Blood Dagger
Hind's blood dagger.jpg
Callisto's Hind's Blood Dagger
Type Weapon
First Appearance HTLJ "Armageddon Now"
Last Appearance HTLJ "Stranger and Stranger"

There have actually been three Hind's Blood Daggers. The one most often referred to is the Hind's Blood Dagger created by Iolaus. When Hope sent Callisto into the past to kill Alcmene, Callisto brought the Hind's Blood Pendant with her. Iolaus briefly managed to get the Pendant away from Callisto. He poured some of the Hind's Blood on his dagger with the intention of using it to kill Callisto. She was able to escape but later, Iolaus brought the dagger back to the present with him where Hercules pounded it into the stone stair rail of Ares' temple (HTLJ "Armageddon Now Part 2"). Xena later has Joxer retrieve this Hind's Blood Dagger and she uses it to kill Callisto (XWP "Sacrifice: Part 2").

Earlier, Callisto created the first Hind's Blood Dagger by pouring Hind's blood from the pendant on to her dagger and using it to kill Strife. (HTLJ "Armageddon Now"). Later, Nebula II tries to use a Hind's Blood Dagger to kill Hercules (HTLJ "Stranger and Stranger").



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