Legendary Journeys

A Hestian or Hestial Virgin is a priestess in service to the goddess Hestia. They were highly respected by the Greek populace and resented by the warlords, to the point where Xena's services were required to ensure that a major gathering of Hestian Virgins went smoothly.(XWP "A Comedy of Eros")

Lea once pretended to be a Hestial Virgin so she could work with Hercules and Iolaus to retrieve the Sword of Veracity and prove her future-husband Amphion's innocence (HTLJ "The Sword of Veracity").

Leah, one of Xena's look-alikes, was a Hestian Virgin (XWP "Warrior... Priestess... Tramp").

The concept of the Hestian Virgins is derived from the Vestals, an exclusive order of priestesses dedicated to Vesta, the Roman equivalent of Hestia. The Vestals were a Roman innovation to the cult of Hestia and had no precedent in Greek religion.