Legendary Journeys

Hestia is the Olympian goddess of hearth, and family harmony. She was charged with guarding the "toys of the gods": artifacts like the Sword of Veracity which she kept in the Cave of Hestia (HTLJ "The Sword of Veracity").

Hestia's devout followers were virgin priestesses known as Hestian Virgins. The Xena look-alike, Leah, was a Hestian Virgin (XWP "Warrior... Priestess... Tramp").

In every village in ancient Greece, a portion of the family meal was set aside as an offering to Hestia and one hearth-fire was kept constantly burning, day and night, to promote family peace. Like a olympic goddess, she has  Powers and Abilities of olympic god.

The fact that Hestia never appeared in the series is somewhat fitting, given that she was said to never leave Olympus and never interefered in the lives of mortals. She tended the hearth and occasionally acted as a peace-maker for her volatile family.



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