Hermes is the messenger of the gods and the god of thievery, sports, athletes, commerce, as well as traveling. His special sandals enable flight and super-speed. According to Hercules, he is "totally" good friends with Aphrodite. He is known as a notorious trickster.

While he was sleeping in Hera's Temple, Mavorb snuck in and stole Hermes' sandals (YH: "Herc's Nemesis").

Before going to see some mud wrestling, Hermes delivered a message from Artemis to Hercules and Iolaus that her bow had been stolen. Autolycus was responsible, but Discord later bought it and used it to turn Hercules into a pig temporally. After losing track of Hercules, Iolaus realized that Hermes' Sandals would make it easier to search for him. At the mud wrestling ring, Autolycus and a disguised Iolaus managed to steal the sandals right out from under Hermes by conning him with a supposed skin-care product (HTLJ: "Porkules").

Later, Iolaus and Autolycus returned the sandals to Hermes. The messenger of the gods was reportedly very unhappy about the whole thing, which Autolycus found unreasonable (HTLJ: "One Fowl Day").

Xena once used the Helmet of Hermes to give Gabrielle the gift of flight for her birthday (XWP: "Many Happy Returns")

Although the producers wanted to have Hermes be a comical character with the looks to match, in mythology he was just as attractive as the other gods. His relationship with Aphrodite was on several occasions much more intimate than that of totally good friends.
Hermes was the father of Autolycus in some myths.


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