Legendary Journeys

Hercules and the Circle of Fire
Circle of fire.jpg
The Circle of Fire
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Season 0
Antagonist Hera
Setting Greece
Mount Aethion
In-Universe Date Year -7
Original Air-Date 31 October 1994
Written By Barry Pullman
Andrew Dettmann
Daniel Truly
Directed By Doug Lefler
Episode Chronology
Order in Series 3 of 5 telemovies
Order in Franchise 3 of 304
Previous Episode in Series Hercules and the Lost Kingdom
Next Episode in Series Hercules in the Underworld
Previous Episode in Franchise Hercules and the Lost Kingdom
Next Episode in Franchise Hercules in the Underworld
Title Image
Circle of fire title.jpg

Hercules must save both a legendary Titan and an old friend from Hera's clutches.


Hercules is walking through a snowy mountain where he finds a woman in the cold, and goes to help her. He sees Zeus in a cave and a rock blocking over the entrance. Hercules turns around and the woman calls out to him and freezes and explodes which turns out to be a dream. The next day Hercules and a young man are walking through a cave with corpses scattered about. The man tells Hercules that they are all men from his village and that the evil witch who guards the Fountain of Youth killed them for their youth and strength. In the center of the cave the find an old woman who is chained up and the man hits Hercules over the head who turns out to be a warlock. The warlock says he will take Hercules' strength and then the both fight. Hercules hears a beating heat which belongs to the warlock and he stabs him. When the warlock dies, the old lady becomes young which is her true form and Hercules releases her from her chains and takes some water from the fountain. the fountain then boils and then everything disappears in the cave. Hercules and the young lady vacate the cave and Zeus suddenly appears and tells her him the water will cure Cheiron_the_Satyr of a wound he has. When Hercules sees him, he gives his friend the water he has has to help him. The wound only heals for a few seconds, and then worsens. Hercules promises Cheiron he will find a cure. Meanwhile, all over Cheiron's village fires are going out including the fire that Hercules and Cheiron are standing by. Hercules decides to investigates on about the strange event. When he approaches Hera's temple it turns out to have fire. A woman is trying to plead with the priest of the temple to let them light their torches but the priest refuses. Hercules kicks down the door, Hera's priest fight him but Hercules beats him up, and lights the torch. Three women appear and tell Hercules the torch won't help because Hera has stolen the Eternal_Torch to kill mankind. Hercules knows that people can't survive without fire, which is why he must get the torch back. Later, the woman from the temple comes to Cheiron, saying her name is Deianeira. Cheiron says Hercules can help her and points her the man from the temple. Hercules says they should talk to Prometheus, so he and Deianeira go to see him. When they find Prometheus frozen with ice, he tells them that Hera has stolen the Eternal Torch and that Hercules must retrieve it. Hercules and Deianeira go onto Mount Aepion, where Hera has the Torch. While traveling, Hercules is attacked by a giant named Antaeus and he and Deianeira both manage to kill him. As they camp for the night, Hercules tells Deianeira that he o accidentally inflicted Cheiron's wound. The next day as they are crossing a narrow valley they arrive at a point where Hera has removed the bridge with his strength. Hercules declares they can continue if they use the rope which still remains which Deianeira is reluctant but she agrees. When they arrive at Mount Aepion, Hercules walks on the snowy top just like in the dream he had earlier. Hercules sees Zeus and demands what Hera has done. Zeus says that Hera has put the Torch in the center of a Circle_of_Fire, and the fire has the power to kill immortals which would kill Hercules. The two men argue and Zeus tells Hercules that he is trying to save him from dying. Hercules asks Zeus if he cares about humanity. Zeus says that he does love humanity, however he loves Hercules more, Which Hercules replies he loves his father too. Zeus then understands what Hercules must do. Hercules goes through the circle of fire and retrieves the Eternal Torch, he throws it and it lands in Prometheus's home, waking him from his sleep and then fire returns to humankind. As Hercules lays dying in the circle of fire, Zeus demands Hera not to kill Hercules or he will haunt her for eternity, even threatening to give up his immortality. Hera stops the fire and Zeus helps Hercules, who thanks his father for saving him. Before leaving the cage Hercules picks up a stick which he lights. Zeus asks if Hercules knows the power of the flames, which he replies that he does.Hercules takes the torch to Cheiron's home and tells him to step in the circle of straw. Cheiron stands in the center of the circle and Hercules lights the straw with the stick. Cheiron drops to his knees and says his wound is gone because the flames had burned away his immortality and healed him.

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