Legendary Journeys
Series XWP
First Appearance Fallen Angel
Inhabitants Angel ,Archangel

Heaven or Paradise is where those who have belonged to several cultures, or to none, come when they die if they have lived good and righteous lives- it is also the abode of the archangels, the champions of the Light. As the reverse of Hell, Heaven is the destination of those souls who are so righteous that even the Elysian Fields are an inadequte reward. Heaven and Hell occupy the name metaphysical plane, percieved as an infinite range of mountains. Angels and the souls of the blessed dwell within light-filled caves near the summits of the highest peaks. Hell, conversely, is realized within a series of subterranean caverns far below them. Recently dead souls who have earned a place of exaltation or damnation materialize on the peaks of smaller mountains. They are soon are fetched either by angels or by demons as alignment decrees. Lesser angels and blessed souls will dwell in Heaven for a time before being promoted to archangel or being reincarnated into a new mortal life.

Heaven is not entirely without its dangers, as archdemons from Hell are capable of flying up and raiding paradise, capturing blessed souls and dragging them back down. The power of the archangels and the divisiveness of the archdemons means that such raids usually fail, though when the archdemons are led by a suitable leader, these events can be devastating.

Features of Heaven[]