Portrayed By Jake McKinnon
Appearance "The Way"
Affiliations Indrajit, Rama, Eli, Xena
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
Hanuman was a character on Xena: Warrior Princess. He was an immortal and wasn't human; only Indrajit, the King of Demons, was able to kill him. Hanuman was a good friend to the family of Rama and assisted him in killing the father of Indrajit. His mission was to protect the avatars of the Earth. His way was the way of obedience and loyalty. Although he wasn't a God himself, he was on good terms with several, seeming to regard Rama and Krishna more as friends than masters.

When Eli was hunted by Indrajit, he immediately followed him to protect him. He was amazed at Xena's abilities, commenting on her similarities to monkeys when climbing trees. He then told Xena of Rama, the different Ways, and Indrajit. He then escorted her, Gabrielle and Eli to a temple of Krishna's, where he told Xena to pray to him for the strength to defeat Indrajit. He then left Xena to face him alone after the demon lord kidnapped Eli and Gabrielle. Xena later uses Krishna's help, whom she is transformed into a Goddess that resembled Kali.



  • Hanuman is the immortal son of a celestial nymph (apsaras) who had been cursed to become a monkey (vanara). Her husband, a heroic monkey chief and avatar of the guru of the gods, is sometimes described as the father of Hanuman, but the latter is always embellished with the blessings of more illustrious fathers via divine intervention. As the Hindu god of creation commanded the gods to either bear monkey offspring or directly to incarnate themselves as monkeys in order to assist Rama in his mission, the scriptures abound to his divine parentage : he is the son of the wind god or the son/avatar of the supreme destroyer god. He is obviously endowed with awesome strength and one of his most remarkable feats has to do with his jump to the sun. In his service to the king of the monkeys, he is a wise counselor. As Rama's companion, Hanuman aided in finding his wife and the destruction of a demon king: the father of Indrajit.