Legendary Journeys
Gabrielle and Xena: A Message of Peace
Message of peace.jpg
Type Play
Character(s) Involved Gabrielle, Joxer, Minya, Paulina, Dustinus Hoofmanus

Gabrielle and Xena: A Message of Peace was a play written and directed by Gabrielle. It chronicled the journeys of Gabrielle and Xena and centers around fighting for peace and following the Way of Love. The play was produced by Joxer, Milo, and Zehra, although the latter two were only interested on over-ensuring the play so that they would make money if it failed. Gabrielle briefly replaced the play with Faster, Chakram! Kill! Kill! when the cast asked for more violence and she became disillusioned after seeing a rehearsal of Sophocles's. She later restored the original version.

Unlike most of the "Greek" writing in the Xenaverse, the poster for this play actually uses the Greek alphabet, mostly. Although legible, it's still utter gibberish.

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