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Legendary Journeys

Hera using a Fireball in "God Fearing Child"

A Fireball is a somewhat spherical mass of fire. Fireballs were among the most trivial of the powers available to the gods. Hera and Callisto were particularly fond of them, but any god could create them – for example neither Discord nor Aphrodite relied on fireballs regularly, but were both observed to use them. Powerful practitioners of magic, such as Nekros, Merlin, and Mab, could also use fireballs.

Hera used a series of fireballs to destroy Hercules's home and kill Deianeira, Aeson, Klonus and Ilea (HTLJ "The Wrong Path"). Years later, she used one incapacitate Ares when she decided to join forces with Hercules.(XWP: "God Fearing Child")

Upon ascending to godhood, Callisto's powers were generally fire-themed, and fireballs were her default weapon.(XWP: "A Necessary Evil", et al)

During the final confrontation against Queen Mab, Merlin surprised Hercules by conjuring a fireball and using it to vanquish Mab with ease. Hercules's surprise had more to do Merlin's accuracy and competency (he was untrained at the time) than his ability, which was never in doubt.(HTLJ: "Once Upon a Future King")

Also in a confrontation with Hercules, mortal witch Haleh used fireballs against him, although she was only able to do so because she was possessed by the spirit of Nekros, the first warlock, at the time.(HTLJ: "A Wicked Good Time)

When Caligula, newly ascended to godhood thanks to Aphrodite's insanity, tried to defend himself against Xena, she pointed out that he had no chance, since she'd been killing gods for years and he couldn't even throw a fireball straight.(XWP: "The God You Know")



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