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Falafel was a travelling merchant who opened food stands across Greece.


He first met Hercules when he opened a stand selling "fast food" falafels (HTLJ "The Other Side"). Sometime later, Falafel was in Argos for the ten year reunion of the Argonauts where he was selling souvenirs like models of the Argo and Hercules dolls (HTLJ "Once a Hero").

Falafel found his way to the first Olympic Games where he sold "hot dogs" at his food stand. Noticing his cooking implement, Salmoneus got the idea for the Olympic Torch as a symbol for the games (HTLJ "Let the Games Begin").

En route to Zebron, Hercules and Iolaus found that Falafel had set up a "fast food" stand. Iolaus was very hungry and so ordered some food against the advice of Hercules. Later, Iolaus had stomach problems (HTLJ "Promises").

When Iolaus was on his way to bring Iphicles to the wedding of Jason and Alcmene in Corinth, he again encountered Falafel who was selling tacos on the roadside to Dirce. Though Iolaus encouraged her not to eat them, Dirce did anyway and was later sick. Falafel invited himself to the wedding as caterer where he made a giant wedding cake (HTLJ "The Wedding of Alcmene").

Owing money to creditors for his failed taco franchises, Falafel went to Euboa and disguised himself with a beard. There, he sold boiled sea serpent with "Eyes and Fries" (HTLJ "Doomsday").

He later became a friend of Hercules' family and was hired to cater Hercules' birthday party. The party was meant to be a surprise but Falafel told Hercules about it prematurely by letting him know the cake was ready. When Callisto poisoned the guests, Falafel mistook Iphicles for a pig and tried to kill him (HTLJ "Surprise").

Hercules found Falafel in Cyrenia trying to sell a device he called the Falafelometer. When a village rowdy tried to kill and eat one of Falafel's egg-laying chickens, Hercules stepped in and saved the day (HTLJ "The End of the Beginning").


  • Falafel himself is named after the Falafel, a Middle Eastern fried food.
  • Falafel's running gag is that he invents modern fast food that didn't actually exist during the show's time period, and that all of his food makes people violently ill.



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Falafel was played by Paul Norell.