In "Two Men and a Baby"
Portrayed By Rachel Ackerly
Rose Schicker
Joseph Main
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
First Appearance "Two Men and a Baby"
Last Appearance "Full Circle"
Gender Male
Status Alive
Race Demi-God
Mother Nemesis
Father Ares
Brother(s) The Destroyer
Sister(s) Hippolyta
Other Family Hercules (half-uncle)
Zeus (grandpa)
Hera (grandma)
Aphrodite (Aunt)
Discord (Aunt)
Hephaestus (Uncle)
Fortune (1st Cousin by Aphrodite)
Deon (1st Cousin by Aphrodite)
Cupid (1st Cousin by Aphrodite and Hephaestus)
Strife (1st Cousin by Discord)

Evander was the son of Nemesis and Ares. He appeared to possess powers far beyond that of any known demigod, eclipsing some lesser gods. When Evander was an infant, Ares tried to kidnap him from his mother so that he could be raised to kill and be blood thirsty. For protection, Nemesis lied to Hercules claiming that he was Evander's father. As a baby, Evander had the ability to cause people and objects to levitate. He also belched fire (HTLJ "Two Men and a Baby").

Years later, as Evander's powers evolved, he was able to bring into reality whatever he could imagine. It is not clear if he retained his other powers, or if this powerful ability was his only one. Zeus used Evander to free Hera from the Abyss of Tartarus (which he was unable to safely do himself), in the hope of reconciling with her. Hera developed a close bond with her grandson, and his accidental death, combined with the realization that Zeus loved her more deeply than she thought, turned her away from evil. (HTLJ "Full Circle").


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