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Legendary Journeys
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A representation of the world as seen in Hercules & Xena: The Battle for Mount Olympus.

The Earth, also known as the Ancient World[1] or Midgard, is the home to all known mortal civilizations. It exists separately from the sun in a realm outside of Heavens and Dahak's domain.[2] The goddess Gaea was considered the "Mother of the Earth."[3]

Mount Olympus was formerly held up by a pillar on Earth. The Titan Atlas would later be frozen in place of this pillar.[4]

Hercules believed the Earth to be a round globe that orbited the Sun, rather than a flat disk orbited by the Sun. These "crazy theories" were laughed at by his friend Iolaus.[5]

Although Zeus and Hera had a part in shaping some of the Earth,[6] a separate, unknown force like Krishna and One God was believed to have created it, the universe as well as the larger multiverse.[7]

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