Dionysus the god of wine, He a son of Zeus and the patron god of kingdom of Meliad. Annually in Meliad the god was honored with the Festival of Dionysus. Hercules had a relatively positive opinion of him, observing, "that old lush isn't as bad as most of the gods."


  • Dionysus was the Greek name of the god the Romans knew as Bacchus. It seems that they are separate characters in the Xenaverse, given how differently they are described.
    • If the characters are meant to be different, then this would be the only instance of the Xenaverse separating the Greek and Roman aspects of a god for story purposes.
  • In Greek myth, Dionysus/Bacchus traveled the Earth with an army of Satyrs and wildwomen called Maenads, who rode on war-trained bulls and fought battles.
  • In Greek and Roman art, Bacchus/Dionysus was portrayed with two forms: his more recent form was that of a corpulent, jolly, party-goer (after he was conflated with his seneschal Silenus) and his older form was a horned, effeminate youth with great beauty but macabre and sinister aspects, chief of these being madness.
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