Princess Diana was the daughter of King Lias and a recurring character on Xena: Warrior Princess". She is a Xena look-alike, which has gotten her into a few tough situations over the years.

In both of her appearances, she was the target for assassins, which was the reason why Xena protected her. She appeared in "Warrior... Princess" and in "Warrior... Princess... Tramp".

In Warrior... Princess, Diana's father asks Xena for help with his daughter's marriage etc.

Xena takes over the role of Diana, and Diana takes Xena's role, and also runs into Gabrielle, whom she finally convinces, that she's Diana, not Xena. In Warrior... Princess... Tramp, Diana's royal position, as well as family are threatened by a 'tramp'--another lookalike, named Meg, (also played by Lucy Lawless), and of course Xena comes to the rescue but there are some big mix-ups.........

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