A half-god or demi-god (half-goddess or demi-goddess if female) is a person who has one mortal parent and one divine parent. Half-gods often have a special ability inherited from their godly parent, such as Hercules's legendary strength, Deon's power of suggestion, and Evander's ability to make things he imagines come true.

Known Half-godsEdit


The divine parent is in bold:

Image Half-god Father Mother First Appearance
Эней Aeneas Anchises Aphrodite RPG: Secrets of the Ancient World
Bellerophon Bellerophon mortal man Artemis XWP: "To Helicon and Back"
Castor, Winner Take All Castor Zeus Leda of Sparta YH: "Winner Take All"
Pollux Zeus Leda of Sparta YH: "Winner Take All"
Deon Deon Jacobus Aphrodite HTLJ: "The Power"
Evander Evander Ares Nemesis HTLJ: "Two Men and a Baby"
Son of ra Gilgamesh Ra mortal mother HTLJ: "Faith"
Minotaur-gryphus 04 Gryphus Zeus mortal woman Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur
Hercbush Hercules Zeus Alcmene Hercules and the Amazon Women
Star guide 05 Jesus One God Mary HTLJ: "A Star to Guide Them"
Sovereign Sovereign Zeus II Alcmene II HTLJ: "Stranger in a Strange World"
Lucius Lucius Zeus mortal woman YH: "Dad Always Liked Me Best"


Image Half-god Father Mother First Appearance
Helen1 Helen Leda of Sparta Zeus XWP: Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts
Hope Xena Hope Dahak Gabrielle XWP: "The Deliverer"
Morrigan Morrigan mortal man Badb HTLJ: "Resurrection"


There are two known occurrences of a mating between a full god and a half-god :

Image "3/4-god" Father Mother First Appearance
Morri&Bridget Brigid Kernunnos Morrigan HTLJ: "Render Unto Caesar"
Destroyer Destroyer Ares Hope XWP: "A Family Affair"
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