Location Greece

Delphi is the land known for being the home of the famous Oracle of Delphi. Kings would often visit Delphi, including trips to the Oracle. (HTLJ: "A Star to Guide Them")

One of Autolycus's tricks to robbing stage coaches was the "Delphi carnival trick." A chained box would lie in the middle of a path, at which point Autolycus would throw his voice from nearby, feigning he was an old man trapped in the box. When the guards went to inspect and break open the container, Autolycus would ambush them from behind and tie them up. (HTLJ: "My Fair Cupcake")

Callisto and her army went to Delphi to kill the Oracle while impersonating Xena. (XWP: "Callisto")

Hercules and Iolaus met up at the Delphi crossroads after Iolaus spent some time in the guise of his cousin King Orestes. (HTLJ: "King for a Day")


For more real-world information, see Delphi

Delphi was the location of the most notable Oracle in Greece, dedicated in Classical times to Apollo. It was also a major city in its own right. Its truncated role in the Xenaverse is at odds with its prominence in classical times.