Darphus was a lieutenant in Xena's army. He was insubordinate and brutal. When the army was attacking the villages in the Parthian Province, Darphus ordered the men to kill men, women and children. He also burned a village to the ground. When Xena confronted him, he and the men who were loyal to him, made her walk the Gauntlet. She was the first person to survive it and Darphus exiled her. Later, when Darphus and his men were attacking Parthus, he fought with Xena and she killed him. Darphus was resurrected by the Blue Priest who was acting as an emissary for Ares who wanted him to kill Hercules (HTLJ "The Gauntlet").

Newly resurrected, Darphus began to slaughter innocent villagers once again. He captured many prisoners which he fed to Graegus. The more Graegus ate, the larger he got. It was Darphus' hope that he could make the monster so large that he could take over the world with him. Xena, having seen the error of her ways, joined with Hercules and together they were able to defeat Darphus. They ended up feeding him to Graegus and both Darphus and Graegus were destroyed in the process (HTLJ "Unchained Heart").

In an alternate timeline created by Callisto, Xena became conqueror of the world and Darphus remained loyal to her (HTLJ "Armageddon Now Part 2").


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