Xena and Gabrielle Cross

Gabrielle and Xena on the cross, in "Fallen Angel"

Crucifixion is the act of placing a person on a cross, usually to sentence them to death with enduring pain. This technique was popular with Julius Caesar and the Romans. Xena and Gabrielle have been crucified many times by Julius Caesar.

There are much variations of crucifixions; the most obvious and brutal way was to have your limbs nailed into the cross and legs broken, something experienced by Xena three times and Gabrielle twice throughout the show.

In HistoryEdit

The most famous example of this form of punishment was Jesus, who was crucified around 33 CE. At the time, it was simply the Romans' preferred method of capital punishment, and they attached no special importance to this particular crucifixion. Note that the crosses Xena and Gabrielle were nailed to don't look quite like the Christian Cross symbol; historical evidence suggests that the Romans use a pole with a crossbar right at the top (a crux comissa) more often that one with the crossbar below the top (a crux immissa).

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