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Crassus of Rome was a character on Xena: Warrior Princess. He was one of three rulers of the Roman Republic, along with Julius Caesar and Pompey.

Whilst in Syria, he was captured by Xena, in order for her to trade him for Vercinix, the hero of Gaul, of whom Caesar has captured and promised the entire nation of Italia that he will be publically executed in the Colosseum. Xena makes a deal for Caesar to go and see him, in order to prove that she actually has him. Whilst Xena sets her plan to swap Crassus for Vercinix in Rome, Gabrielle drugs Crassus and stages a fight between him and herself, to get sent into prison and swap him for Vercinix. When Crassus is bought out into the arena instead of Vercinix, Caesar is forced to execute who the public think is Vercinix - although it is actually Crassus.

His death set off a chain of events that would lead to the fall of the Roman Republic and beginnings of the Roman Empire. It is because of his death that both Pompey and Caesar waged a civil war and Pompey was killed, which lead to Julius Caesar's death when he attempted to announce himself as the Emperor of Rome.

Background information[]

  • The historical Crassus lived c. 115-53 BCE. Xena's kidnapping of him occurs at the appropriate moment in history. While governing Roman Syria, Crassus led a campaign against the Parthian Empire (Persia), which failed dramatically and ended in Crassus's death.

Appearances and Mentions[]

  1. "When in Rome..."
  2. "Endgame" (Mentioned)