Castle at Corinth
Iphicles' Castle at Corinth
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Xena: Warrior Princess
Young Hercules
First Appearance XWP: "Death in Chains"
HTLJ: "Highway to Hades"
Young Hercules
Last Appearance XWP: "Past Imperfect"
HTLJ: "Top God"
YH: "The Head That Wears the Crown"
Location Argolis, Peloponnese
Inhabitants Corinthians
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Corinth was a Greek city-state located on the Isthmus of Corinth seperating the Peloponnese from mainland Greece. It was one of the oldest cities in Greece, as well as a chief exporter in pottery, bronze, wine and ivory statues.[1]


Corinth is a city located near Cheiron's Academy and is the capitol of Corinthia. Jason is the Crown Prince - he inherited the throne when his father, King Aeson was killed by Ares (see Young Hercules (Movie Pilot)). In the episode 1.37 - The Head That Wears The Crown, Jason is crowned King of Corinth.

Major ExportsEdit

Corinth is well-known for its leather: Iolaus: "Hey, is that new? It looks like fine Corinthian leather. Almost fit for a king." (from 1.01 - Treasure of Zeus)Pelia: "Nice boots for a wanderer. Is that Corinthian leather?" (from 1.26 - Cold Feet)The two-level bireme and trireme were developed in Corinth[1].

Alcmene was from Corinth, where she raised Iphicles. After Amphitryon's death and the events where she encountered a time-travelling Callisto[2], she moved to Thebes, where Hercules was born[1].

One of Corinth's greatest rulers was Jason, son of King Aeson and leader of the Argonaut expedition[3].

For many years, Corinth was ruled by King Sisyphus. He made it one of the most progressive cities in Greece[1], until his death was ordered by Zeus.[4]

After Sisyphus' death, Jason would become King of Corinth again. He would abdicate, however, in order to marry Alcmene. Iphicles succeeded him as King.[5]

Hercules had a birthday party at Iphicles' castle in Corinth, however it was interrupted by Callisto.[6]

Rulers of CorinthEdit


Background Edit

  • Corinth can be considered Hercules's hometown: in the original myth, he was born in Thebes and had most of his adventures in the region around Mycenae and Tiryns.



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