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Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, (nicknamed Cleo by Autolycus) was a recurring character on Xena: Warrior Princess. She was the last Queen of Egypt, until her death at the hands of Brutus. After this, the Egyptian people would select their leader, instead of someone inheriting the throne. Her death was one of the pivotal events that began the Roman Empire.


Assassination Attempt[]

During a visit to Greece, Jett, the brother of Joxer, tried to assassinate Cleopatra. He alligned with her head of security, Pontius, who helped him get close enough to kill her. The attempt was foiled by Xena, Autolycus, Joxer and Gabrielle.

Death and Consequences[]

After the murder of Julius Caesar, a civil war between Brutus and Marc Antony began. Cleopatra's Fleet was the key to winning this war: whoever had control over it, would have an extreame advantage in the war. Brutus secretly killed her to prevent Marc Antony from gaining the Fleet, which prompted Xena to pose as her and prevent either of them from gaining the Fleet. She became romantically envolved with Marc Antony and Brutus realised that Xena was in fact posing as Cleopatra. Octavius, the adopted son of Julius Caesar, felt that he was the one who should inherit the reign of Rome, due to birthright. Xena and Gabrielle forged an alliance with Octavius and gave him control of the fleet, behind Antony's and Brutus' back. Once the battle began at sea, Gabrielle and Octavius lead the Fleet to the battleships and Marc Antony and Brutus were defeated by Octavius, both being killed by Xena and Gabrielle respectively. This secured Octavius as the new emperor of Rome and he inherited the name of Augustus Caesar. Xena tells the Egyptian people that they can now have the chance to choose their next leader.

Background information[]

  • The casting of Gina Torres suggests the producers, along with many modern viewers, thought Cleopatra was ethnically Egyptian. However, she was a heavily inbred Macedonian Greek, with dark brown hair and blue green eyes, whose family, the Ptolemies, hailed from Pella, a city relatively near Amphipolis and Potidaea.
  • Mummy Dearest suggests that Ramses III is the ruler of Egypt. Ramses III reigned in the early 12th century BCE, while Cleopatra ruled in the mid-1st century BCE. City of the Dead shows Queen Nefertiti as ruling Egypt- she lived in the late 14th century BCE.





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