Legendary Journeys

Chris Manheim is a writer and producer, often credited with Xena: Warrior Princess. Her other credits include writing for Monk and Murder She Wrote, although her only producing credits belong to Xena.


Xena: Warrior Princess[]


  1. "The Prodigal"
  2. "Altared States"
  3. "Orphan of War"
  4. "Remember Nothing"
  5. "The Giant Killer"
  6. "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
  7. "Ten Little Warlords"
  8. "A Solstice Carol"
  9. "Here She Comes... Miss Amphipolis"
  10. "The Quest"
  11. "A Comedy of Eros"
  12. "Maternal Instincts"
  13. "The Bitter Suite"
  14. "Sacrifice I"
  15. "Paradise Found"
  16. "Devi"
  17. "The Convert"
  18. "Chakram"
  19. "Animal Attraction"
  20. "Seeds of Faith"
  21. "Punch Lines"
  22. "Eternal Bonds"
  23. "Livia"
  24. "Eve"


  1. "Animal Attraction"
  2. "Seeds of Faith"
  3. "Punch Lines"

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