Cheiron was a satyr and an immortal friend of Hercules, who had at one time journeyed alongside Hercules in his adventures.

During one adventure, Hercules mistakenly struck Cheiron with his sword. Due to Hercules' immortal blood, Cheiron was left with a debilitating mortal wound across his stomach and was left in agony. No longer able to adventure, he retired to his home, with his mortal wife Amalthea and children Telemon, Peleus and Kora.

After many trials searching for a cure, Hercules was able to restore Cheiron's health, and make him mortal and human, with the Circle of Fire. (Hercules and the Circle of Fire)

Background Information[edit | edit source]

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  • Although loosely based on the mythological centaur teacher, the mythological Chiron would later receive a more faithful adaption later in the series in the character Ceridian, and in the Young Hercules series. Those two characters are necessarily different as, in addition to being two different species, this Chiron is a fellow adventurer of Hercules' and the other a mentor. The centaur Ceridian was also mortal and died in "Centaur Mentor Journey".
  • Cheiron's adverse reaction to Hercules's blood is the only time this seems to have happened throughout his journeys.
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