You may be looking for King Cecrops.

Cecrops Mariner2
Portrayed By Tony Todd
Appearance "Lost Mariner"
Affiliations Athena, Poseidon, Terai, Charybdis, Xena, Gabrielle
Series Xena: Warrior Princess

Cecrops, the Lost Mariner of Athens, was trapped by Poseidon at sea, 300 years before the time of Xena. Athena then cursed him with immortality, meaning he could not die or escape from his eternal imprisonment. Anyone that would end up on Cecrops' ship would be killed if they attempted to leave.

Whilst on his way to visit his wife, Terai, Poseidon and Athena cursed Cecrops, which forced him to roam the seas for eternity. Poseidon created a whirlpool known as "Charybdis" located in the same place as Terai's village. Poseidon told him that only redeemed love would save him from the curse, in the knowledge that he could never love again.

Many years later, Xena and Gabrielle become a part of Cecrops' cursed crew and showed Cecrops their redeemed love. Xena worked out that the key was in Charybdis. Cecrops threw himself into the whirlpool and awoke on land with the rest of his crew. Cecrops was finally free of the curse, along with his crew.