Legendary Journeys
Britannia in "Gabrielle's Hope"
Now Known As The United Kingdom or The UK
England, Scotland or Wales
Continent Europe
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
First Appearance "The Deliverer"
Last Appearance "Gabrielle's Hope"
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Britannia is a large island that is situated in North Western Europe. The island of Eire is located just west of Britannia and is sometimes considered part of it.

Xena and Gabrielle traveled to the south of Britannia to assist Bodecia in waging war against Julius Caesar and the Romans, who came to conquer their scepter'd isle. While resisting Caesar, Gabrielle was led astray by Krafstar, the Deliverer for the one evil God, Dahak. Xena defeated Kraftstar and destroyed Dahak's temple, but Gabrielle was impregnated with Hope.

A few years later, Hercules and Morrigan separately journeyed to Britannia to answer the call of the young wizard Merlin. The demigods assisted the wizard in defeating the evil Queen Mab and setting her accomplice Arthur Pendragon back on the path to good.

A thousand years after that, an elderly Merlin, recalling the events of his youth, send Arthur and Man back in time. When Arthur was returned, Merlin was happy to finally usher in Britannia's golden age.

Supernatural creatures that inhabited Britannia included Banshees and the mysterious Lady of the Lake.

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Britanna & Eire

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Britannia is the name of the Roman province or provinces which covered the southern two-thirds of the island now known as Great Britain (the name derived from the province).
  • Historically, Caesar launched a brief invasion of Britain, but he never set foot there and never intended to hold it. The invasion was meant as an intervention to ensure that the pro-Roman tribes in the south remained powerful enough to continue providing Rome with an economic advantage. Britannia would not be formally conquered until almost a century later, during the principate of Emperor Claudius, a distant nephew of Augustus.