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Bodecia, known to her people as the Boudica was a British heroine, and former foe of Xena's. She once fought alongside Xena, but Xena betrayed her and stole her army.

Years later, Xena proved that she had changed for the Greater Good and reunited with Bodecia to defend Britannia against Julius Caesar. Bodecia was skeptical, but accepted Xena's help. She nonetheless made it clear that their alliance would last only as long as necessary to drive Caesar from Britannia's shores.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • She was played by Jennifer Ward-Lealand, the wife of Michael Hurst, and who made appearances as several varied and colorful characters in the franchise.
  • Historically, Bodecia lived during the first century AD and resisted increasing Roman colonization, which had begun in earnest when she was a young woman.