Billous Green Sports Bra
Gabrielle BGSB 1
The first of Gabrielle's BGSB's, in "A Necessary Evil"
Owner(s) Gabrielle, Joxer
Type Garment
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Xena: Warrior Princess
Also Known As BGSB
First Appearance "Orphan of War"
Last Appearance "Motherhood"
The Billous Green Sports Bra (often abbreviated to "BGSB") was the trademark outfit of Gabrielle, worn from the beginning of series two to the middle of series four of Xena: Warrior Princess.

There were in fact two BGSB's; the first was longer, with braiding in the shape of squares. The second was slightly shorter, with different patterning and two different shades of green. Her top is now even smaller, has different detailing on it with a leaf pattern and her shoulders aren't covered anymore (It could be mistaken for the same one as before by the casual viewer, but is different: for example, there are ten holes for the cord binders of her top instead of twelve.)


Hope also wore this top when she was in her adult form.



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