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Belach was the firstborn son of Borias and his then wife Natassa. Xena seduced his father away from him as a young boy and he and his mother fell into servitude, ever since then Belach has despised Xena as well as Borias. Belach has nearly the same spitting image of his father.

Later he became Lord and married a woman, who died whilst giving birth to Nica. When his daughter fell in love with Xenan, the centaur son of Ephiny, he believed she was kidnapped by the Centaurs and orded a ransom on Xenan's head for his daughter's return. Xena promised Belach that she would return her to him but did not reveal her idenity. Later Belach killed all the Centaurs and threw them to a pit. Xena captured him after revealed to him that Nicha was pregnant with Xenan's child and who she was by repeating the same about passion when he saw Xena and Borias affair as a child, Xena then tried to make Belach understand what he had done wrong and that Borias was a good man, but Belach refused listen to Xena s arrogants and still wore the necklace Borias tossed him as a young boy before he left, to remind him how his father left him and the *SCRUM* his father was and the greatness he achieved. Belach then captured Xenan while Nicha was giving birth to a baby boy. Xena revealed to Belach how Borias changed and how he died for his son because he never forgave himself for Xena seducing him away from his real family and he didn't want to lose another son because of her and takes full responsibly for his father abandonment and death and Belach finally forgave both Xena and his father, and let Xenan go. Xena had reformed Belach and finally made peace with him before bidding farewell. He then gave Xenan and Nicha a new home, so they could live in peace with their new son Borias II, named in honor of Borias.