Legendary Journeys

Battle Lines: Part 1
Series Young Hercules
Season 1
In-Universe Date Year -10
Original Air-Date 1 October 1998
Episode Chronology
Order in Series 11 of 50
Order in Season 11 of 50
Order in Franchise 170 of 304
Previous Episode in Series "Cyrano de Hercules"
Next Episode in Series "Battle Lines: Part 2"
Previous Episode in Franchise "Cyrano de Hercules"
Next Episode in Franchise "Battle Lines: Part 2"
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Cheiron is called away on centaur business and Fiducus is left in charge of the Academy. Iolaus suggests to Hercules that they should follow Cheiron. Iolaus claims they will not miss much because it is Friday, the end of the school week. Hercules reluctantly agrees. they set off after Cheiron.

In the woods they are attacked by a bunch of Amazons, lead by Lilith. Lilith takes them to Cyane.

Cyane is happy to see Hercules again. When the Amazon camp is apparently attacked by centaurs, and two of them taken, the tribe turns on Hercules and Iolaus. Cyane at first defends them, then later sends Hercules and Lilith on a mission to Cheiron's camp to get the missing Amazons back.

Lilith and Hercules are kidnapped by the Centaurs. Cheiron claims that the land the Amazons are occupying is Centaur land. Cheiron also claims that the Amazons attacked their camp last night and two centaurs are missing. Hercules suspects something is going on.

The Amazons claim the Centaurs attacked them, the Centaurs deny it. The Centaurs claim the Amazons attacked them, Hercules knows they did not because he was with them. Cheiron tells Hercules to deliver a message to Cyane. If the Amazons are not off of Centaur land by dawn, there will be war. Hercules and Lilith head back to the Amazon camp.

Little does Hercules know just how right he is. Discord and Strife are behind the so called attacks. They want to start a war between the Centaurs and the Amazons. It was Discord who "delivered" the so-called message from Ares. Discord is going to be in trouble when her brother, Ares, finds she has been messing around in his turf.

Background Information[]

Despite having dealt with her before in Young Hercules the movie as well as Inn Trouble, this is the first time that Hercules is introduced to his sister, goddess Discord.

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