Balder in the Norselands
Portrayed By Rupert Cocks
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
First Appearance "Norse By Norsevest"
Last Appearance "Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge"
Status Immortal
Also Known As God of Healing
Romances Nanna
Affiliations Valhalla
Mother Frigga
Father Odin
Brother(s) Thor

Balder or Baldur is the Asgardian god of light. He was killed during the events of Ragnarok by Loki who stole the Book of Fate from the Norns and painted a future in which Balder was dead. Hercules was able to alter Loki's painting, restoring Balder to life.

Personality Edit

Balder is a merciful god, his motto being patience and compassion without prejudice. He frequently uses his powers to heal humans. He is the most loved and popular among gods and humans in the Norselands.


As a Norse god Balder owns supernatural abilities similar to those of other gods.

Immortality Balder is immune to old age but can be killed by other gods or divine weapons.

Invisibility: All Gods have the power to make themselves invisible to all mortals, they can not be seen or heard by them.

Conjuration: Balder has the power to conjure anything he wants like objects and food.

Teleportation: Balder has the ability to teleport to any place whatever he sees fit either on earth or Asgard.

Healing: Balder has the ability to heal mortal wounds something not even most olypic gods can do under normal circumstances.

Powers given by Odin: In order to prevent Balders' death, Odin gave Balder more power.

Invincibility: Balder became invincible to all kinds of weapons (swords, axes, crossbows) as well as the powerful magical hammer Mjollnir. The only thing that could still kill him was a magic arrow created by Dahak.

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