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Bacchae were the bloodthirsty vampire slaves of the god Bacchus and and turn human into a Bacchae with one bite. Their only aims were to savage and kill, and seduce more Bacchae at the bidding of their god. Their old personalities and memories were totally suppressed. They consumed the blood of mortals to survive, and as long as they got at least a drop of blood each day, they could survive indefinitely.

For some time, all Bacchae were condemned to Tartarus after they were destroyed, regardless of whether they became Bacchae willingly (most did not) or whether they performed redemptive actions. To add insult to injury, the Bacchae's souls revert to their original personalities upon death, meaning that they were essentially being punished for crimes they didn't really commit. Hades was persuaded to allow redeemed Bacchae a chance at the Elysian Fields by Hercules and Eurydice.

Should Bacchus die or lose his godhood, all surviving Bacchae would regain their humanity.


Physical Description[]

In her natural form, a Bacchae looks like a pale woman with intensely yellow eyes, black claws and white fangs. She can also appear as an ordinary woman or as a wolf.

Background information[]

  • The original Bacchae (more properly known as Maenads), were probably human devotees of Dionysus (Bacchus to the Romans). Allegedly, the Maenads would drink and dance themselves into an ecstatic frenzy of uncontrolled behavior. Various pseudo-historical accounts of their activities in the Classical and even Roman periods survive, and the question of whether they were mythical or legendary (and if so, to what degree their actions have been exaggerated) has never been satisfactorily answered.
  • The Bacchae seen in the Xenaverse are obviously intended to be vampires in the vein of much later European literature. Their ability to change into wolves (as opposed to bats) is a power exhibited by vampires in older stories. There is no mention in classical literature of the bacchae/maenads expanding their numbers through drinking blood, or having the ability to shape-shift.