Atlas, Greatest of the Titans was the field general in the war between the Titans and the Olympians, appointed by Cronos. (XWP: "The Titans") He was incredibly strong and was very good at throwing objects. (HTLJ: "Doomsday")

During the war, Atlas was imprisoned by Zeus in ice prior to the rest of the titans being cast into Tartarus. (HTLJ: "Full Circle") However, rumors persisted that he was in fact carrying the world on his shoulders. (HTLJ: "Cast a Giant Shadow") These were in part perpetuated by stories told by Homer (XWP: "Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards").

Atlas was freed from his ice prison by Ares and his brothers Helios and Oceanus. He destroyed the pillar that up held Mount Olympus, but was inadvertently turned into stone by Hera, thus forcing to hold up Olympus for eternity, making the rumors about him unintentionally true (HTLJ: "Full Circle").

Mythological basisEdit

  • Atlas was considered the Titan god of astronomy and navigation.
  • Atlas escaped consignment to Tartarus because he was a second-generation titan, but since he had supported his father in the Titanomachy, Zeus punished him by cursing him to hold up the sky. As more and more people realized the world was round, Atlas came to be depicted holding up the celestial sphere, and later on, the world itself.
  • One of the most popular tales of Herakles involved him convincing Atlas to acquire the Golden Apples for him (they were guarded by Atlas's own daughters) by holding up the sky himself for a little while. When Atlas returned, he tried to get out of it, but Herakles managed to trick him into taking back the sky. The tale was thus used to illustrate how even the greatest warriors needed to use their brains as well as their brawn.
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