Legendary Journeys

Asclepius is the Olympian God of Medicine and Healing. One of the kinder Gods, he liked to share the fruits of his domain with Demigods and mortals.

Hercules told Elora that his cousin, Asclepius, taught him how to make medicines from herbs and roots (HTLJ "Siege at Naxos").

Iolaus told Hercules, that Asclepius often said "An apple a day keeps Asclepius away" and that he never quite knew what was meant by that (HTLJ "The Apple").

Asclepius was one of the students mentored by Ceridian. When Ceridian was dying, Hercules suggested that Asclepius might be able to help but the old centaur knew better. (HTLJ "Centaur Mentor Journey")

It was Asclepius who taught Kamaros about the effects of Lotus Leaf. Thankfully, he also told Hercules and Iolaus about it, which enabled the latter to realize that Kamaros was abusing its effects. (HTLJ "The Lost City"

Powers and Abilities[]

Asclepius as a God has the Powers and Abilities, that all Gods has but as the God of Healing, his power is limited by Athena when Athena command Olympus, he has a great knowledge healing wounds and diseases and making medicines from herbs, flowers and roots, knowledge he shares with humanity.


Behind the scenes[]

  • Asclepius in mythology is a son of Apollo.
  • In real life, Asclepius's cult was respectably powerful for a God who wasn't one of the primary Twelve Olympians. His sanctuaries are often credited as being the earliest hospitals.