Legendary Journeys

The Archangel Michael (needs citation)

The Archangels are the fighting forces of Heaven. Some are recruited from exceptional souls that must pass a gruelling test of moral conviction. Others are born from the Lights of the Powers Above, from the Heaven they watch over the events on earth, the relationship with pantheons is unknown or if the gods know of their existence, Ares an Olympic god had an accidental and unfriendly encounter with the Archangel Michael.

Power and weaknesses[]

The Archangels are more powerful than Demigods, and possess enough power to rival gods, they also seem to have the same powers and abilities as earthly gods the archangels appear to be vulnerable to the same powers and artifacts that kills deities, as shown when Xena tried to kill Michael (and nearly succeeded).

Physically, archangels look much like Guardian Angels, winged, strong and beautiful. The primary difference is in the wings: archangel wings are black with emerald green streaks. In attire, the archangels also differ, wearing elaborate plate armor as opposed to robes.


Notable Archangels[]