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The Amazons were female warriors, descended from the Tretomlec tribe. The Amazons are beautiful warriors known to be honorable, courageous, brave, and to stand for rebellion against genderism. Most Amazon tribes worshipped the goddess Artemis, who held a special fondess for them, but a few tribes worshipped other Olympians or followed other spiritual paths entirely.

The word "Amazon" is a temporal paradox, as the Tretomlec women took the name because the original Cyane, displaced in time, called them that because they reminded her of the stories she'd heard.

List of Amazons.

  • Seen in: "Girl Trouble", "Amazon Grace", "Cyrano de Hercules", "Battle Lines: Part 1", "Battle Lines: Part 2", "Under Siege", "Mila", "Ill Wind".
  • Mentioned in: "In Your Dreams".
  • According the Cyane in "Girl Trouble", the origins of Amazons began thousands of years ago when all the men in their village were wiped out in a single battle. From then on, their ancestors knew that their women needed to be strong, so they learned to live without men. There are twelve tribes in all, they were separated during the great war with the Centaurs, but one day they hope to reunite.
  • The only other tribe named in the series, specifically in "Ill Wind", is the Tanta tribe. This tribe is led by Keenta, who is mentioned but never seen.
  • Male children born to the Telaquir Amazons are returned to their fathers, female children stay with the tribe and are raised as Amazons.
  • The Amazons' natural habitat is the forest, where they are quite adept at swinging from tree to tree and traveling through the tree canopy.
  • The clothing of the Telaquir Amazon tribe primarily consists of a mixture of colored fabrics and leathers, adorned with copper accessories and feathers. Primary colors are green and copper.


  • swinging through the air by ropes
  • communicate by whistles


There were twelve tribes of the Amazon Nation that arose in the following generations, but they were separated during the great Centaur War. According to Cyane, Queen of the Telaquire Amazons during Hercules' time as a teenager, it was Zeus who separated the Amazon Nation because of unknown reasons. Velasca blamed the breakup of the Amazon Nation on Artemis, or rather, her inaction.

In the Xenaverse, the Amazons that are shown are revered through out Greece, the Northern Area (most likely Siberia), and various other places throughout ancient times. The Amazons play key roles throughout many plot lines in Young Hercules, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and Xena: Warrior Princess.

Notable Amazons[]

Amazon tribes[]

Mythological and Archaeological Basis[]

  • The Amazons (Greek: Ἀμαζόνες "Amazónes") were a legendary culture of women warriors who featured prominently in myths dealing with Heracles and with Troy. Ancient authors disagreed wildly about where their territory was located, though most agreed it was around the Black Sea and that they rarely visited mainland Greece.
  • Although long thought to by mythical, Greek art is very specific about the wardrobe of the Amazons (they are among the few subjects of Classical vase paintings who wear trousers). Excavations of Scythian, Thracian and Samaratian burials around the Black Sea and further afield in the steppes of central Asia in the 1990s revealed what appeared to be female warrior burials with costumes similar to that recorded on the vases. Although certainly embellished, it has come to be accepted that the Amazon myths were based on real pre-historic cultures where women rode into battle alongside men.
    • Hippolyta's tribe and the Telaquires were seen before these discoveries became common knowledge, hence the costumes inspired by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon basin in South America. As the Scythian, Thracian and Samaratian discoveries became more well-known, the writers added the Northern Amazons and the Tretomlecs to reflect the new discoveries.
    • The Amazon Nation was structurally based upon the Iroquois Confederation, with different tribes being ruled by separate Queens but still linked by kinship.



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