Portrayed By Jeremy Roberts
Appearance "Paradise Found"
Affiliations Aiden's World, Garr, Xena, Gabrielle
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
Cause of Death Stabbed
Killed By Xena
Aiden was a character on Xena: Warrior Princess. When he lost his wife and child, he managed to create a paradise world, in which he manipulated people and extracts the goodness from their souls to create pieces of art. When he first entered the realm he took a platoon of soldiers led by Garr and extracted their goodness to turn them into statues. Afterwards he forced Garr to become his servant.

When he first met Xena and Gabrielle, he tried to teach Gabrielle yoga and extract her goodness too. But Xena also falls victim to the side-effects of his world, as she begins to experience haunting visions that depict her abusing Gabrielle. Xena kept these visions from Gabrielle which made her wonder why Xena wanted to leave the realm so hastily. Xena explained that after seeing the powers that people such as Alti and Lao Ma could conjure up, she could appreciate Aiden's techniques but Xena explained that Aiden is no Lao Ma and that his way was not so pure.

As Gabrielle's lessons and Xena's haunting visions continue, Aiden slowly begins to lure the goodess out of Gabrielle and Xena starts to become a monster of her past-self. She confronts Aiden, but discovers that he has already started the process of extracting her goodness and she had already began transforming. She throws her chakram at him, but he interecepts it and attacks her brutally with his telekinesis, whilst Gabrielle is immobilised, whilst slowly being destroyed. However, Xena Flips her sword up and picks up Garr and acts like she was going to kill him. Gabrielle snap of of her trance she was under.This gives her the chance to break Aiden's telekinetic grip long enough to launch her sword into his chest, killing him. Once Aiden is killed, his world collapses and transports Xena, Gabrielle and Garr back to the open world.

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